Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all course and event locations within the Federal Republic of Germany.The GTCs are of course not only accepted with the registration but also with the appearance at the course.


Written registration is required for all Tumba'o Danza offers.
Registrations for the courses or workshops are only valid with the designated and fully completed registration form (send online or as a PDF printout by post).

Die Online-Anmeldung wird automatisch rechtsgültig und vertraglich verbindlich durch die Absendung des Online-Anmeldeformulars sowie der Anerkennung und Identifikation der als angemeldet angegebenen Person (Teilnehmerin) durch die im Formular erscheinende Email-Adresse als rechtmäßigem Absender dieser Anmeldung. Dies gilt auch für minderjährige Teilnehmer. Zahlungsanspruch seitens Tumba’o Danzas besteht immer und grundsätzlich an den Email-Adressen-Inhaber.

By post or with the signature or online with the submission of the registration it is confirmed that the general terms and conditions have been read and understood completely by the participant. Online registrations are valid without signature. The registration is also binding for the participant without written confirmation by Tumba'o Danzas.

Registrations are considered binding and therefore legally binding even if no bank transfer has been made and the registered person wishes to pay in cash. This means that the fee is due even if the participant does not attend - regardless of the reason (even with a medical certificate). In this case, payment must be made immediately.

We also accept last minute registrations for the same course day. In this case, registrations should be made in advance at 030 30364349 make sure (not by email) that there is still a place available and then pay in cash at the course venue directly before the course starts.

Places are allocated in the order in which they are received. If a course is fully booked, this will be indicated online on the course page.

Registrations can be made as follows:

1. via online registration form
2. In person at the studio
3. by telephone at: 030 30364349 (TAM)

Registration is required before attending courses, workshops and other events. Please register early. Due to the limited number of participants, registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received. Registration is binding and obligates you to pay the fees. We will confirm your registration by e-mail, post or telephone. Places are not reserved until the specified fees have been received.

After receipt of the registration, Tumba'o Danzas will send a detailed confirmation of registration within 7 days with important information as well as the account details for the transfer of the course/workshop costs. Upon receipt of this confirmation, you can be sure that we have received your registration. If no correction e-mail is received from the registered person within 7 days of our confirmation, Tumba'o Danzas will consider all data submitted to us in the registration form to have been correctly transmitted.

If the participant has not received a confirmation 7 days after registration, we must be contacted.


In the case of internet registration (online registration form), the customer is not entitled to a statutory right of withdrawal, as dance courses and workshops are services in the area of leisure activities, which are excluded from the right of withdrawal according to § 312b III No. 6 BGB.


Unless otherwise agreed, you can cancel your registration in writing at any time.

When registering for workshops, cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the start of the workshop. In this case, we charge a cancellation fee of 10,- € per person. We ask for your understanding that in case of a cancellation at a later date, the fee is due in full. Cancellation must be made in writing.
Non-attendance to a course that has already been registered does not release you from the obligation to pay. We cannot grant a refund for missed lessons.

For ongoing courses (initial registration), cancellation is possible up to 14 days before the start of the course. In this case we charge a cancellation fee of 10,- € per person. We ask for your understanding that in case of a cancellation at a later date, the fee is due in full. Cancellation must be made in writing.
Non-attendance to a course that has already been registered does not release you from the obligation to pay. We cannot grant a refund for missed lessons.
After the end of a sequence, the next sequence automatically follows, which means that new costs will be incurred if you do not unsubscribe by the 3rd date of the sequence at the latest. In the event of deregistration, you will receive a written deregistration confirmation from us.

Please note that a minimum number of participants must be reached for courses and workshops to take place.
For individual registrations, we will arrange / organise a dance partner. However, a claim to receive a partner for every date cannot be derived from this.


As a rule, a minimum number of eight participants is required to hold an event. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the course can take place if the participants agree to an alternative that covers the costs.

The Tumba'o Danzas team reserves the right to cancel events or reschedule dates. If an event is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of the fee paid. If an event is rescheduled, you have the choice of attending the event on the new date or receiving a full refund of the fee paid.


For individual registrations, we try to provide temporary dance partners so that the course can always take place with complete couples. However, this does not mean that you are entitled to a partner for every date. In exceptional cases it may happen that you do not receive a partner for individual dates (e.g. due to illness of a substitute).


If you want to change from one course to another, please let us know immediately, as this is the only way to document your attendance and correctly allocate your payment.


By registering, you agree to pay the specified fees, including any accommodation and catering costs as well as material costs. The amount of the fees is stated for each event. The fee is due upon registration, for individual events (e.g. workshops) at the latest seven days before the visit.

Punctual payment for courses is rewarded. If the course fees are paid on the first course date, you get a 10 euro discount on the course fee!


Insofar as the customer is in arrears with his payments and written reminders are sent by the dance school, attention is drawn to the fact that € 5.00 will be charged for each individual reminder due to the associated personnel costs and the material and postage costs.



The cash payment of vouchers is not possible.

The vouchers cannot be combined. Only one voucher may be redeemed per person, per course sequence or workshop.

Groupon vouchers are always valid for a course sequence or related dates.
They are valid once and exclusively for new customers who have never taken a course at Tumba'o Danzas before.
No payouts of vouchers will be made.



We offer discounts for pupils and students (up to the age of 28).
Please state your name, the course and the start date of the course on the transfer form (e.g.: Max Mustermann, Salsa Beginner Workshop, 13 and 14.4.06). We will send you the bank details after receiving your registration.



Upon request, you will receive a certificate of regular attendance of your course if you have attended at least 80% of the lessons and paid the fee.



  • Each participant takes part in the courses and workshops at his or her own responsibility. Liability for third-party negligence is excluded, insofar as this does not conflict with legal regulations. Tanz-Fluss Tanzstudio/Tumba'o Danzas accepts no liability for damage to or loss of objects of any kind, including wardrobe.
  • The course leaders and the Tumba'o Danzas team are not liable for any personal injury or damage to property.
  • Parents are liable for their children.
  • Liability is also excluded for printing errors in programme booklets, on flyers, for incorrect information on websites and for errors on other advertising materials such as posters, banners, course lists, customer stoppers or similar.
  • The stay and dancing in our rooms or other venues is always at your own risk. The exclusion of liability also applies to performances, events of other persons or groups commissioned by us in and outside the dance school.
  • We accept no liability whatsoever for personal injury or damage to property not caused by us, our employees or helpers commissioned by us in writing.
  • Unfortunately, we have to exclude persons with health problems from the course. As a matter of principle, no liability is accepted for cloakroom and valuables. Please never leave your valuables unattended.
  • No liability is assumed for clothing, especially footwear.
  • Our courses and events are held with music and sound amplification equipment. We expressly point out that attendance is at your own risk and that we will not accept any liability for damage to your health, especially your hearing.
  • The use of parking spaces is at your own risk. Parking of vehicles is at your own risk. The dance school accepts no liability for any damage or loss. The dance school is not liable for theft or damage to property.
  • We do not accept any liability for courses held in external or rented or leased premises. In particular, we are not liable for damage or wear to floor coverings.
  • We accept no liability for the overloading of power grids and the resulting consequential damage.
  • We accept no liability for the soiling of third-party, rented or leased premises or sanitary facilities.



Should the case arise that we are obliged to accept liability under German law, we shall be liable in the event of liability per person to a maximum of the course or workshop fee per person.



Filming and photography will take place at the dance school on certain occasions. The areas or dance classes will be marked as far as possible or it will be pointed out verbally when and where which recordings will be made. Please let us know if you do not wish any of your recordings to be used later in public.
If this does not happen, it is assumed that the use is permitted free of charge and the film or photo rights become the property of the dance school. We will immediately remove a photo published by you after a corresponding notice, if you wish to do so.



With the conclusion of the contract, the customer agrees that the customer data will be stored in the dance school's own EDP system. The data is protected from access by unauthorised persons and is only accessible to separately authorised dance school staff. The data is subject to data protection and will not be passed on to third parties with one exception: In order to simplify communication between the dance partners, the customer agrees that his/her telephone numbers and email addresses may be passed on to his/her own dance partner or guest dancer (temporary help). This makes it possible, for example, to inform the dance partner directly in case of illness.

Our privacy policy can be found here



If a provision of these terms and conditions is invalid, it shall be replaced by the valid provision that comes closest to the economic purpose of the invalid provision. Should individual or several provisions of the contract be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining contract.

Written agreements such as contracts take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions and may supersede provisions. Any terms and conditions of the customer are not valid.



By entering the rooms and course and event locations, as well as by signing a registration form in written or electronic form (internet), these terms and conditions are expressly acknowledged and bindingly accepted.

When registering/booking via the internet, the client must click on a box to acknowledge the general terms and conditions. By submitting this confirmation, the client declares that he/she has taken note of the content of the general terms and conditions and accepts them in full.
When registering online, the customer also expressly confirms that he/she is aware of his/her right of withdrawal by activating the checkbox.


Jurisdiction. 30 November 2012

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