I have been involved with Kizomba and later Urban Kizomba since the end of 2016 and actually came to Kizomba by first going through Salsa and Tango. Here I found both the dance and the music suitable for me. I learned for myself that Urban Kizomba is more than just a dance.

For me it means an expression of my feelings and listening to and interpreting the feelings of the other. The sensations, the interpretation of the music, the ability to give leadership, the responsibility to lead, to find the balance between tension and relaxation, to let go, to trust, to allow closeness and to exchange energies, to give something and to receive something, to get to know one's own body and to perceive it better, to move consciously and to develop constantly; and this interplay of all these elements make this dance something unique, which is why I could not let go of it.

When I started to lead, people kept asking me why I didn't teach. I refused for a long time, but at some point I asked myself why I don't teach and pass on to others the knowledge that I have acquired over the years with a lot of ambition, because it is valuable. And it would be a shame to keep this knowledge only for myself. And I am happy if I can give you something and make good dancers out of you, of whom I will then also be proud. You only have to want and trust.

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